The road to security maturity

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The modern workplace and IT applications are shifting to the cloud. Is your organization ready to cover the new cyber challenges? SecWise is your partner to help build a modern security strategy.

We guide you on your security journey to the cloud

An expanding remote workforce requires the flexibility of the cloud. Just like other technological evolutions, this means new opportunities, but new threats as well.

You need a solid security strategy to avoid simply jumping into cloud technology and unintentionally exposing your organization to malicious attacks and new threats. Knowledge and guidance are a solid foundation to support your modernization efforts.

SecWise is your partner to help build a modern security strategy and guide you on your journey towards cyber security maturity. Step by step, we design and implement your organization’s modern security strategy, architecture and processes.

Defining your strategy

A smart security strategy is based on cyber security best practices but always tailored to your organization. That’s why the journey starts with an assessment of your business’s current cyber security set-up and future needs.

A personal roadmap with clear directions

It starts with an assessment. We help you answer these and more questions to provide you with a roadmap with clear directions.

  • Where is my sensitive data stored?
  • On-premises? In the cloud?
  • Who can access my data, and where from?
  • Where are my critical applications hosted?
  • What is my organization’s IT strategy?
  • Pure cloud or hybrid cloud?
  • IAAS, PaaS or SaaS first?
  • What is my organization’s attack surface?
  • Do we have a cyber disaster recovery process in place?

Security strategy roadmap

What is a cyber security strategy? We offer a set of security controls to protect all your surfaces vulnerable to attack. A security strategy consists of the following defined components:

  • Zero trust identity and access management

Moving to the cloud implies changing the way you authenticate and grant access to users. The traditional email address and password combination is no longer adequate when shifting to remote and flexible working.Implementing the Zero Trust principle in identity and access management means organizations don’t need to make a trade-off between a strong security posture and a productive end-user experience. The Zero Trust principle relies on the following conditions:
-Multifactor authentication is key
-Trust, but verify
-Assume breach

  • Information lifecycle management

To protect your sensitive data, you must first understand where it’s stored. Then you need to implement an information lifecycle management strategy. That way you will never lose track of your sensitive data, who can access it and how it is secured.

  • Endpoint management strategy

Your organization’s devices, or endpoints, are no longer tied to the office and its secured network. As people transition to more remote work, it’s important to understand the security threats they face. Many successful breaches are initiated through an endpoint.A solid endpoint management strategy gives you an end-to-end view of everything that’s happening on your endpoints and mobile devices. And implementing control policies means your security team can take immediate action in case of an incident. This is how you ensure that your employees can work securely, even away from the office.

  • Incident detection and response strategy

Your preventive security efforts can cover most of the risks posed by cyber attacks, but what do you do when there’s an incident? Cloud technology introduces new threats, which means new ways of detecting, investigating and responding to them as well. You need a strategy to detect new threats and respond to them, so your organization is always prepared and loss is minimized in case of an attack.

  • Compliance and audit management strategy

The distributed and virtual nature of cloud technology requires a different approach to show auditors your organization is compliant. With a specialized compliance and audit management strategy, you can be confident you’re taking care of your responsibilities.


How do we help you?

Your security journey to the cloud starts with a thorough assessment. A clear picture of your current security situation helps us identify the future steps in your roadmap to achieve cloud security.

A cloud security strategy consists of several components and processes. These are a combination of the solutions and services we offer.

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