Securing your critical infrastructure

Safeguarding Society

Rapid digital transformation of manufacturing has drawn the attention of threat actors. With manufacturing becoming an increasing target, there is a significant increase in Business Risk. This has impact on the safety of our personnel, organization, society and environment. SecWise is your partner for developing a resilient security strategy in dealing with these risks.


SecWise has the expertise and experience to engage, deploy and maintain all phases of the IEC62443 Security life cycle.
With all the years of experience in OT Security, we’ve learned one thing: Integration into an organization is key. In order to successfully deliver an OT Security project into your organization, it is necessary to understand each stakeholders perspective.
This perspective is imperative in digitizing your organization. Most OT/IT stakeholders are working in their own environment and each of these environments have a their own priorities.
In OT we mainly focus on Safety and Availability, whereas our IT department is focused on Confidentiality.
Therefore, our approach is to guide our customers from a strategic level to an operational level with these challenges in their organization. We see ourselves as bridgebuilders between IT and OT and we use cybersecurity as business enabler to bring more knowledge and capabilities into your business.




Our Solutions to your Challenges

The first step in the IEC62443 security life cycle is understanding what you’re dealing with. Therefore, our solutions are built upon the principle of knowing what you own. We use several standards (NIST CSF, IEC62443, etc.), technologies and methodologies to verify and understand your organizations business, needs and maturity.


  • NIS Directive Assistance
  • OT Security Health Check
  • OT Security Risk Based Roadmap
  • OT Security Framework
  • OT Asset Discovery Service
  • Global OT Security Program Development


In each step of this phase, our end goal is to transform your industrial environment to the desired security level target, while keeping the importance of production into account. Availability and safety is our primary focus in this digitalization process.


  • Guiding OT Security in your operations
  • Breaking down the IT/OT silos
  • Rapid OT visibility improvement
  • Zero Trust in the manufactory
  • Unify IAM



Due to cybersecurity being a continuous process, it is important to understand how new threats vulnerabilities could impact your organization. Together with our team of experts and innovative approach, we offer end-to-end solutions to maintain and enhance your target security level.


  • SecWise Watch (MDR)
  • Managed OT/IT Security Services
  • OT Security Awareness Trainings
  • OT Incident Handler



Our on demand professional services can give your organization the resources to build your security program and enhance your maturity on your terms. With these services, we provide a flexible solution to our customer and bring the best of knowledge and expertise into your organization whenever you need them.


  • OT Security Officer
  • OT Security Designer
  • OT Security Program Lead
  • Digital Transformation Advisor


How does our offering fit in current standards?

A resilient cybersecurity strategy starts with choosing the right frameworks and standards. In order to provide a better understanding of our solutions and how they fit in the current standards, we’ve provided a mapping of the offerings and frameworks.