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Protect your essential infrastructure and ensure societal safety. 

Digital Transformation and Security in Manufacturing

The accelerated digital transformation within manufacturing has attracted heightened attention from cyber threats, significantly increasing business risks. This shift impacts the safety of our personnel, organizations, society, and the environment profoundly. As your dedicated partner, we’re here to formulate a contemporary security strategy that guards against these evolving threats.

The Importance of Alignment

Successful OT Security project execution within your organization demands a deep understanding of each stakeholder‘s viewpoint, crucial for digitalization. Often, OT and IT stakeholders operate within isolated realms, each prioritizing distinct aspects. In OT, the emphasis is on Safety and Availability, whereas IT focuses on Confidentiality and Integrity. Bridging these priorities is essential for comprehensive security.

IEC62443 Compliance

Our team holds the expertise and experience required to manage all stages of the IEC62443 Security lifecycle, ensuring our solutions are safeguarded against known vulnerabilities and fortified against network threats. These certifications signify our commitment to evolving security features over time, offering our clients and their employees the assurance and confidence that our security measures meet the highest safety standards.

Zero Trust Principle

In industrial settings, Zero Trust embodies a unique significance compared to traditional IT. It integrates intelligent interpretations from IEC62443, conventional information security principles, and innovative technology to dismantle the barriers between IT and OT within your organization, fostering a unified security approach.

Pathway to OT/ICS Security Maturity

What constitutes a comprehensive OT/ICS security strategy? Our methodology encompasses guiding you from a strategic to an operational level, tackling all cybersecurity challenges faced by your organization. In collaboration with your stakeholders, we develop a lasting cybersecurity roadmap that not only enhances your security posture but also acts as a pivotal element in your digital transformation journey.


The first step in the IEC62443 security life cycle is understanding what you’re dealing with. Therefore, our solutions are built upon the principle of knowing what you own. We use several standards (NIST CSF, IEC62443, etc.), technologies and methodologies to verify and understand your organizations business, needs and maturity.


  • NIS Directive Assistance
  • OT Security Health Check
  • OT Security Risk Based Roadmap
  • OT Security Framework
  • OT Asset Discovery Service
  • Global OT Security Program Development


In each step of this phase, our end goal is to transform your industrial environment to the desired security level target, while keeping the importance of production into account. Availability and safety is our primary focus in this digitalization process.


  • Guiding OT Security in your operations
  • Breaking down the IT/OT silos
  • Rapid OT visibility improvement
  • Zero Trust in the manufactory
  • Unify IAM


Due to cybersecurity being a continuous process, it is important to understand how new threats vulnerabilities could impact your organization. Together with our team of experts and innovative approach, we offer end-to-end solutions to maintain and enhance your target security level.


  • SecWise Watch(MDR)
  • Managed OT/IT Security Services
  • OT Security Awareness Trainings
  • OT Incident Handler


Our on demand professional services can give your organization the resources to build your security program and enhance your maturity on your terms. With these services, we provide a flexible solution to our customer and bring the best of knowledge and expertise into your organization whenever you need them.


  • OT Security Officer
  • OT Security Designer
  • OT Security Program Lead
  • Digital Transformation Advisor

The Principles Of A Zero Trust Strategy

  • Verify explicitly
  • Use least privileged access
  • Assume breach

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