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How secure is your current cloud architecture?

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How to prevent identity theft and build a modern IAM set-up?

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How to secure your devices over time?

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How to protect against phishing and malware attacks?

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How to protect your sensitive data?

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How to secure your Azure architecture?

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How to secure your OT/ICS environment?

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Keep your organisation security and posture monitored and managed at all times?

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Audit Services

SecWise offers audit services to create an overview of your current cyber security posture.

SecWise Assess

Want to assess your organization’s overall cyber security posture or, more specifically, find out if your Azure security and Office 365 security are bulletproof? Then check out our SecWise Assess service.
– Identify overall current risks
– Technical security assessment of your Azure footprint and Office 365 footprint
– Gain insights into your current situation and create a roadmap to improve it


Consultancy Services

Traditional security models are based on the outdated assumption that everything inside an organization’s network can be trusted. It is assumed that a user’s identity is not compromised and that all users act responsibly and are trustworthy. The Zero Trust model recognizes that implicit trust is a vulnerability. SecWise can help you build a Zero Trust security architecture for your organization to reduce cyber security risk by eliminating implicit trust within an organization’s IT infrastructure. “Never trust, always verify.”


SecWise Identity

Build a secure IAM solution to manage identities and access to apps and data to protect sensitive information from security threats. SecWise can help you build a secure IAM architecture to enable more cost-efficient and effective access management, authentication, identity management, privileged identity/access management and governance across your organization to help prevent security risks.
– Build a secure Identity and Access Management solution (IAM)
– Optimize cost-efficiency and effective IAM
– Minimize security risks


SecWise Endpoint

Build a secure modern workplace management architecture to manage your endpoints and mobile devices anytime, anywhere, guaranteeing endpoint security throughout their complete lifecycle.
– Define current risks
– Optimize current tools and processes
– Design and implement a fully cloud-based endpoint management solution


SecWise Protect

Implement a set of security controls to protect your organization against malware attacks such as ransomware, social engineering attacks such as phishing, and drive-by download attacks. Get visibility on the security posture of your managed devices, but also on shadow IT and cloud applications.
– Advanced mail and endpoint security
– Better visibility of shadow IT and cloud applications
– Manage all Microsoft Defender ATP products on a daily basis


SecWise DataGuard

Apply data protection controls to enhance your data security and privacy posture. SecWise DataGuard allows your organization to comply with regulatory requirements and minimize the data leakage risk. SecWise will help you to discover, classify and protect sensitive information, on-premises and in the cloud. Your maturity in data protection will drastically increase, allowing you to monitor and remediate sensitive data at risk.
– Map your data classification levels
– Discover, classify and protect your sensitive information
– Monitor and remediate data at risk


SecWise Cloud

To run your Azure workloads securely, you need a solid Azure security architecture and governance framework. We have designed an Azure Security framework model as a foundation to guide you in securing your full or hybrid Azure workloads and overall Azure architecture. We are your trusted advisor in providing expert insights in the solution components of choice according to your workload use cases.
– Azure security and governance framework
– Expert advice in solution components
– Secure architecture design


SecWise OT

Society is increasingly demanding more flexibility for our basic needs. These basic needs are provided for by what we call Cyber-Physical Systems, which supply us with our electricity, water, food, and other critical provisions in today’s lifestyle. The availability of these Cyber-Physical Systems is being put under greater pressure by the demands of digital transformation in the enterprise landscape and new malicious activities such as “Ransomware as a service”.

It is therefore crucial that we invest in these exact resources, and bring cybersecurity into these environments, to sustain and improve our current lifestyle.

At SecWise, we bring you the best OT/IoT experts and managed solutions for your enterprise. Together with your stakeholders, we draw up a sustainable cybersecurity roadmap to act as a catalyst for your digital transformation. During this journey, we prove ourselves to be a trusted and reliable partner in challenges such as OT/IT convergence – turning your OT Security Operation Center dreams into reality.


Managed Security Operations

Implementing a zero trust architecture and advanced security controls is not enough; you still need skilled security professionals to follow up alerts and manage your security posture in this ever-changing threat landscape and evolving cloud technology. Discover our services that can help your SECOPS teams.

SecWise Care

Get third line support for all your Microsoft hybrid cloud technology security questions and change requests.
– Urgent questions are handled within a couple of hours
– Quick risk assessments upon request
– Secure support portal with MFA

SecWise Watch

Our Managed SOC service for continuous monitoring, detection and response follow-up of your cyber security. SecWise has built a Cloud SOC on Azure Sentinel SIEM/SOAR technology with many automation capabilities to provide you this functionality 24/7. Managed by an Extended SOC team with cyber security and Microsoft cloud skills.
– Managed monitoring and follow-up of your security alerts
– A dedicated team of cyber experts for monitoring and incident response (CSERT)
– Monthly reporting and debrief sessions on your cloud security controls