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Implementing a zero trust architecture and advanced security solutions is not enough; you still need skilled security professionals to follow up alerts and manage your security posture in this ever changing threat landscape and evolving cloud technology.

SecWise Watch

Our 24×7 Managed SOC service for continuous monitoring, detection and response follow-up of your entire cyber security. We have built a Cloud SOC on Microsoft Sentinel SIEM/SOAR technology with extended automation capabilities. Let us be your trusted SOC team with cyber security and Microsoft cloud security certified skills.

SecWise Care

Get third line security support for all your Microsoft (hybrid) cloud technology security questions and change requests.

  • Urgent questions are handled within a couple of hours
  • Quick risk assessments upon request
  • Secure support portal with MFA authentication

The Road To Security Maturity Starts Here

What is a managed cybersecurity strategy? Our goal is to guide you from a strategic level to an operational level facing all cybersecurity challenges in your organization. Develop a mature and managed cyber security roadmap for your organization with us as your trusted advisor and support partner!

The Principles Of A Zero Trust Strategy

  • Verify explicitly
  • Use least privileged access
  • Assume breach

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