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Arxus and SecWise expand collaboration structurally

Arxus and SecWise expand collaboration structurally

After previously collaborating successfully on a project basis, Arxus and SecWise are now joining forces structurally. They are combining the IT operations of Arxus with the security consultancy & operations of SecWise in order to offer a total service to customers. Jochen Van Gasse from Arxus and Koen Jacobs from SecWise explain below the advantages for you as a client.

Arxus and SecWise both have a strong focus on the public cloud and workplace solutions of Microsoft, and complement each other nicely. SecWise is a Security Managed Servicer Provider, and Arxus in turn is a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP. Our customers increasingly demand a total solution when it comes to their security and operations in the cloud.

Keeping a helicopter view

Because of the “war for talent” there is a lot of demand for skilled IT professionals and this is the case for all types of businesses. But because companies often don’t have the resources to attract such an IT person for all domains, they often look to a partner like Arxus and SecWise. We can help companies on a daily basis, but next to that also immediately set up the cloud security and internal governance.

In the public cloud you can build very beautiful, but also very expensive things. Companies are also bound by their governance policies, which means that in the cloud they have to take into account various compliance rules. A Belgian bank, for example, will be reluctant to store sensitive info on certain foreign servers.

On top of that, the playing field has grown enormously in recent years due to the hybrid cloud approach and the multi-cloud environments. Especially in manufacturing and in the public sector, we are seeing more and more organizations that choose multiple suppliers and partners, making it a melting pot of different cloud systems. Managing those naturally becomes much more challenging. At Arxus, we provide a helicopter view of all your cloud services. We manage all your tools and partnerships neatly in one estate, and make sure you are compliant with your internal governance.

Step by step guidance

At both Arxus and SecWise, we often start with an assessment of your IT set-up. This way, you immediately see where there are still gaps in your security, and you get an overview of how you can tackle them. Then we guide you through the entire process. In most companies, we see that not all lines of defense are used equally efficiently. For example, you may have purchased Microsoft licenses that already include certain applications for upgrading your security. But due to lack of time, or simply because of scarce internal knowledge, you don’t use them yet, or not in the right way. At the beginning of our collaboration, we look at all existing licenses, and discuss which ones are useful, and which ones you are still missing. From then on, you will also receive monthly updates from us about your security hygiene and recommendations. These reflect the state of your digital security.

Cyber security is often still a difficult subject for companies. Many different risks can arise. Imagine the security of your company as a walled garden. As a company manager you quickly get the idea that nothing can happen to you in that garden. After all, you have built a solid wall around yourself and your company. Yet that is not entirely correct. A tunnel can be dug or someone can climb over your wall without you even noticing. And sometimes a piece of wall crumbles away due to age.  So there are holes in your fence that make your business vulnerable, and they are best fixed as soon as possible.

In this equation, we make sure that the holes in your wall are closed, tunnels are closed in time, and nobody gets the chance to climb over your wall. Arxus and SecWise help your company trace the holes in your security, and ensure an appropriate update policy and advice on purchasing the right licences. We provide the tools your company needs to build up a first, preventive line of defense.

If someone does threaten to break through your wall, SecWise managed security is there. They are the guards in your yard keeping an eye out for someone breaking through your wall, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. Even if someone has broken through the wall and caused damage via, for example, a phishing email or worse, SecWise is on standby.

For security operations, there remains a clear separation of duties between Secwise and Arxus, to guarantee objectivity and independence. The SecWise team is also based at its own location.

Unburdening customers

The services of Arxus and SecWise go hand in hand and are mainly intended to relieve customers of their worries by supporting them from A to Z. In addition, there is also an efficiency factor. Instead of having to approach Arxus and SecWise separately, everything can now be done through a single contact person. As a customer you can also log in via one customer portal to view the services of both companies. This also saves a certain amount of time.

Security has been a hot topic for some time, but in the last two years it has become even more important for all organization companies. Cybersecurity crime in itself has become a booming economy, so to speak. Clients must therefore also be aware of the potential dangers, and take the correct steps to future-proof their business. Through our ‘A to Z’ offerings and teamwork, we are confident that we can also take your business to the next level.