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Life at SecWise as a Cloud Security Consultant

Maarten De Vos - Cloud Security Consultant

Life at SecWise as a Cloud Security Consultant

Now, this is the story of Maarten De Vos, Cloud Security Consultant at SecWise since the early years. His days are never predictable and that’s how he likes it. What’s working at SecWise like for him, what does he like most about it and why would he recommend it to others? Read all about it in this blog.

How does someone end up a Cloud Security Consultant at SecWise?

Maarten De Vos: “My background is similar to most, I think; I studied IT and did support engineering and project work as a consultant. After a while, I wanted to define my IT knowledge by specialising in one aspect instead of remaining a do-it-all engineer. It was then that I heard through my network that SecWise was hiring. I haven’t regretted the decision to go talk to them for a second.”

Can you tell us a bit more about your job?

Maarten: “Most companies have transferred their IT to the cloud by now and are currently concerning themselves with securing their cloud environments. Rules regarding sharing files, securing users with MFA (multi-factor authentication) et cetera are slowly but surely being set up. We turn those ratifications into reality and conduct processes at companies that are amid security transformations. Such projects can take two to three weeks, as they usually merely adopt a small new aspect of security, like MFA. Others can take several months. In those cases, clients wish to improve everything about their security; they want to know if, how, when and why they are being attacked, for example.”

At the moment, I work as a consultant at P&V Group; a large, Belgian insurance agency. Part of what I like most about my job is that I get to work with their internal engineers. It’s nice to think about the best results together instead of being left to my own devices. Another fun aspect of my job is that we’re constantly working with new technologies. Incidentally, Microsoft is known for their continuous renewal; they often introduce new names, buttons, portals … It keeps me on my toes! I also enjoy working with four very important portals within our SOC (= Security Operation Centre): Defender for Office, Defender for Identity, Defender for Endpoint and Defender for Cloud Apps. Especially that last one is very popular as it’s an up-and-coming story.”

Is there such a thing as a typical workday?

Maarten: “No, not really, but that is exactly what I like about my profession. You can start your day, blissfully unaware of the things that are going to cross your path (laughs). There’s always something that you didn’t see coming, and the day almost always ends differently than anticipated. Obviously, you need to shift your priorities sometimes. If a phishing campaign suddenly bubbles up, you need to drop everything and give it all your attention. Who got it, who clicked on it, who even left personal data, and so on. You need to analyse the situation, quarantine the mails and clean it all up. It can easily take up a few hours so that changes your planning quite a bit.”

Are all of you consultants?

Maarten: “Actually, no. That’s another thing I like about SecWise; everyone is free to indicate what kind of project they’d like to work on. Some are consultants, some work in-house and man SecWise Watch (our SOC). Some work on long-term projects, some on short-term ones. It’s a wonderful mix. I’m a good example, in fact. Recently, I’ve asked if I could switch projects and start a new trajectory to further develop my soft skills. Since my bosses needed a Customer Success Manager, they decided to offer me the chance of filling that position. I’m grateful that they’re giving me so many opportunities to grow and develop myself further!”

Sounds like you’re still having a great time at SecWise?

Maarten: “Absolutely. There’s so much to love here. Nobody has ever talked about it in those words, but I can vouch for SecWise and say that there is a true no-nonsense culture here. Our bosses are IT professionals themselves and know a thing or two about our jobs. They never sell things differently or ‘sexier’ than they are. That level-headedness is something I appreciate immensely about them.”

Aside from that, the atmosphere among the colleagues is great! Every month we meet up and go out to dinner, discuss our projects, and catch up. You can feel in those moments that we’re all working together towards the same goals. There are many other side activities as well, so we’re truly being spoilt rotten. I probably shouldn’t reveal this yet, but we’re going to spend a weekend in Malaga soon with the entire team. Just to tell you: yes, we work hard, but you’re really rewarded for it.”

Any last words for potential future SecWisers?

Maarten: “Know that there are many future perspectives here. There’s so much you can do or try. IT security is still in its infancy, so the possibilities are endless and yours to find out.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a background in security yet or not. If you’ve got solid IT skills, that’s enough. We’d love to welcome you into our team and show you the ropes. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about security before I started here either, and look where I’m standing. If you feel like changing things up and taking IT to the next level, come and have a chat with us!

Completely convinced by Maarten’s pitch? Great! Don’t be shy and get in touch; we can’t wait to meet you!

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