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As long as SecWise keeps challenging me and it’s fun, I don’t see me leaving here anytime soon

Bart Thomas -

“As long as SecWise keeps challenging me and it’s fun, I don’t see me leaving here anytime soon”

Bart Thomas was one of the first employees within SecWise and has seen the company grow strongly in recent years. The drive he started with four years ago is still there. And that has a lot to do with how SecWise is put together. Bart tells us more about it below.

Before I started at SecWise, I worked at a telecommunications company for many years. Although I was very happy there, it did start itching to take on a new challenge. Via via via, I came into contact with Keith Custers, one of the managing partners within SecWise. Keith and I had worked for the same company in the past, and that immediately created a click between the two of us.

At that time, SecWise was still in its infancy. I would become one of the first employees, as until then only the managing partners worked in the company. So before I signed on, I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice. After some in-depth discussions with Keith & Koen, it soon became clear that we were on the same wavelength in terms of vision for the future and the technology that would be needed to go with it. I have never regretted my move to SecWise.

Position that suits you

Within SecWise, I’m in the Audit & Compliance squad as technical lead. This is the final step for customers who have started a security project with us. As technical lead, I specialise in everything to do with Microsoft Purview. This includes everything to do with labelling sensitive data, data loss prevention, retention policies, and also Insider Risk Management.

Technically, this is not very difficult to implement, but you have to be able to match everything with the business part of the story. Although I have more a technical background, and will always prefer that, SecWise does help to get that part of the story right too. Within our squad, for instance, I can fall back on colleagues who are more familiar with it, so we can bring a complete story to the customers. I am also jointly responsible for SecWise’s internal IT. In recent years I have mainly focused on the operational work within our tenant, but recently I have been concentrating on testing new features.

By starting at SecWise, I have completely rediscovered my passion for technology and its applications. Above all, what I do I really want to do, and they certainly take that into account here. For instance, there are regular growth meetings where you can indicate what you like or don’t like to do. And when you give feedback, they deal with it immediately. SecWise will never push you into a job you don’t like. On the contrary, they will always look for a job that suits your skills, needs and ambitions.

As with other companies, SecWise has experienced growing pains. But they have always been open and honest about that. Decisions that didn’t work were quickly reversed. The top of the company is always open to feedback, and the knowledge you share is greatly appreciated at such times. There is more structured work now compared to before, but that also helps new colleagues get in quicker, and above all better.

Close group of friends

SecWise therefore feels more like a club of friends, rather than a place of compulsory work for eight hours a day. And that has partly to do with the openness of the managing partners. For instance, their door is always open for conversation. In addition, they have been committed to employees since the very beginning. For instance, a team meeting is almost always combined with a dinner.

SecWise is also exemplary in terms of work-life balance. Your private life is taken into account. If you can’t come to the office once in a while, that’s no problem. I think it is especially nice for young colleagues to know that they can work from home for a day without stress, without having to worry about whether they can and should.

SecWise is therefore much more than just a workplace for me. I feel at home here and headhunters who try to tempt me with another job, I steer clear by default. Of course, it’s a nice boost to your ego when they contact you. But as long as SecWise keeps challenging me and it’s fun, I don’t see me leaving here any time soon.

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Bart Thomas -