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Open culture and challenging work are a golden combination

Bjorn Claes - Senior Cloud Security Consultant

Open culture and challenging work are a golden combination

Bjorn Claes holds a graduate degree in electronics, but soon ended up in the IT sector. Since one and a half years he is working as Senior Cloud Security Consultant for SecWise. Bjorn specializes in optimizing security for endpoint devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets. How he ended up at SecWise and why they are such a good match, he explains below.

Although I entered the IT sector rather by accident in 2001, it is the perfect job for me. For example, there is a lot of variety possible due to the different projects you can work on, and the position also offers plenty of challenges.

Some colleagues I used to work with had already told me about SecWise. That I should definitely stop by there for coffee and a chat because it was a tremendously nice place to work. When I started as a freelancer in 2019, I didn’t hesitate. And a little while later, the first projects came in as well. Due to the corona pandemic, there was a small break in our collaboration, but we never lost sight of each other. And since a year and a half, I am back to being a part of team SecWise.


Although I’m working as a freelancer, I don’t feel that way myself. Like everyone else, I get an annual evaluation moment where new goals are discussed, and I also just go on team-building weekends. Those outings are the highlight of the year for many of us. You immediately get to know new colleagues in a completely different, more relaxed way.

At our team building in the Ardennes last year, I had only just been employed for two weeks. I was extremely curious about what to expect from that weekend away with all the people I hardly knew. But everyone was given such a warm welcome by the whole team that I really enjoy thinking back on it now. It was the ideal onboarding.

Open Culture

What I especially notice is that at SecWise you are not just a number. There is room for you as a person, and I like that. There are regular meetings about your current projects, and you can indicate what does or does not suit you. But even if you are having a difficult time privately, there is always someone there to listen.

In addition, there is an open culture among colleagues. Asking questions is very normal, whether you are a junior or more senior. And the more junior profiles are often supported by sharing additional knowledge and best practices. That’s not only a benefit to us as employees, it’s also a benefit to our clients. After all, they know that their project manager can always fall back on his or her colleagues.

Career opportunities

In addition, SecWise also encourages employees who are eager to grow. They motivate us to take additional training courses or obtain Microsoft certifications. Technology changes so quickly, it is nice when your employer gives you the opportunity to further educate yourself. For example, this year I completed the certified ethical hacker course, which had been on my list for a long time.

Thanks to SecWise, I have had the opportunity to work for the largest companies in Belgium on several occasions. Even now I am working for a multinational that I could only dream of before, and I recently got a great promotion within that company. SecWise clearly aims high when it comes to quality cybersecurity. They make it possible for us to work for the very largest clients, but take into account who you are and what you are looking for in a job. For me, that’s already a golden combination.

Do you also want to work in an open culture with challenges? Great! Don’t be shy and get in touch; we can’t wait to meet you!

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