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I still go home every day with a smile on my face

Bert Vanwezer-Calle

I still go home every day with a smile on my face

Bert Vanwezer-Calle has been working as a cloud security analyst within SecWise’s 24/7 SOC service since last December. Together with his colleagues, he makes sure that customers do not have to lie awake because of cyberattacks. For Bert, working at SecWise is a logical choice that has been in the air for some time. He explains why below.

A few years ago, I had already made a list for myself of companies where I would like to work. They were all involved in cybersecurity and were all located in Leuven. I live in Leuven and I like my work to be ‘tangible’ for family and friends as well.

Great satisfaction

If you follow the news from around the world a bit, you immediately realize that a lot is still going wrong when it comes to cybersecurity. As an IT professional, you can still make a real difference for companies by improving their security preventively, or intervening quickly when problems arise. It also brings a certain challenge. Within cybersecurity, there are many rules you have to consider. You must also be attentive to potential problems and resolve them appropriately. After all, mistakes can have major consequences.

The satisfaction you feel when you can repel an attack or ensure that a company is properly secured, is something I sometimes missed in recent years. At my previous company, I worked as a systems engineer. Cybersecurity was not part of my duties. There were also no options within the company to work more around cybersecurity. So the only option was to change jobs.

Surprising phone call

Several years ago I already applied for a job at SecWise. But then I just had  little experience. Because I wanted to improve my knowledge, I enrolled in evening classes and took several cybersecurity courses. Suddenly, in December, I got a call from SecWise. They had been tracking my data for two years and were looking for a cloud security analyst. After an initial interview, I immediately had a good feeling, and a little later the deal was done.

I certainly haven’t regretted the switch yet. From the beginning, I felt directly accepted by the team. I was already a fan of the company when I applied for the job, and that feeling is still there. Although the amount of new tasks could feel overwhelming at first, the colleagues made sure I could go home with a smile every day.

A close team

To make sure I belonged to the team right away, the colleagues decided to come to the office full-time for the first two weeks. That way we could get to know each other better, and the distance was literally shorter if I had a question. Even now, we still choose to work together in the office at least twice a week.

Furthermore, there are weekly and monthly meetings where everything can be discussed, including things not within our work. And SecWise also provides weekend outings so you get to know each other in a different way. It makes us a close team, and you know you can rely on each other when needed.

Although I made the switch because I wanted to be more involved in cybersecurity, a good atmosphere in the workplace is certainly just as important to me. At SecWise, I got even more than what I was hoping for. I have really found my way here.

Do you also want to go to work every day with a smile on your face? Great! Don’t be shy and get in touch; we can’t wait to meet you!

Bert Vanwezer-Calle