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Microsoft’s Cloud Security license bundles demystified

Microsoft is and has always been keen on offering multiple options to the customer to acquire their different tools. The only downside to this strategy is that it is often complicated to find the best fit from a customer’s point of view. Therefore, we’ll demystify the license bundles in this blog, focusing on the different security solutions in the bundles.

Windows Defender ATP versus traditional antivirus solutions

Many organisations are considering Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) solutions, to improve their security posture against the many threats of today. In this blog post, we explain why your traditional antivirus (AV) solutions cannot cope with the actual threats of today and why Windows Defender ATP would be an excellent alternative.

Microsoft as security vendor?

Microsoft as security vendor? Are you serious? Microsoft does have a long history with security. This blog might help you understand why we at SecWise believe that Microsoft Security solutions can help many customers with their security challenges.