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Zero Trust In Your Industrial Environment

Webinar of February 2022 Zero Trust In Your Industrial Environment

Together with our team of experts we will bring Zero Trust a little bit closer to your industrial environment! We bring a holistic approach of Zero Trust in your organization and explain to you what it's really about!

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Stay current, stay secure with Microsoft security

Webinar of May 2021 Stay current, stay secure with Microsoft security

We will give you an in-depth overview on how at SecWise, we help our customers with cyber defence: Prevent, detect and respond, based on Microsoft’s security eco-system.

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SOC automation with Azure Sentinel

Webinar of November 2020

Learn how you can use Azure Sentinel for SOC (Security Operations Center) automation.

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Identity governance with Entitlement Management in Azure AD

Webinar of September 2020

Learn how to manage access to groups, applications and sites more efficiently, for internal as well as for external users.

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Secure the remote workplace

Webinar of June 2020

We'll discuss today's security threats and give you our top 5 recommendations on how you can secure the 'new normal' workplace.

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Windows 10 built-in security features

Webinar of March 2020

Harden your endpoints' security with Windows 10 built-in security features you probably already own.

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Azure Sentinel: the new era of ‘SIEM as a Service’

Webinar of January 2020

You learn all about Azure Sentinel, Microsoft's SIEM solution for alert detection, threat visibility, threat response,...

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Next level cyber security: Microsoft Cloud App Security as your CASB

Webinar of November 2019

You learn how and why a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution will give your organisation a next level cyber security advantage.

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(Mobile) Device Management: Intune versus SCCM

Webinar of September 2019

We dive deeply in the Microsoft Device Management solutions and how they empower your cyber security defences.

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Protect your information with Azure Information Protection

Webinar of May 2019

Learn how Azure Information Protection can help you detect, classify and protect your sensitive data.

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Azure Active Directory: IAM for the future

Webinar of March 2019

Learn why a strong IAM strategy is crucial for the modern security challenges in a cloud or hybrid IT environment.

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Advanced Threat Protection: get in control

Webinar of February 2019

We will be discussing the top 5 security threats of today and how Microsoft’s ATP solutions can help.

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Why you need to secure your Office 365 workplace asap

Webinar of December 2018

Learn the basics about the must-haves for your company’s IT security, in only half an hour.

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